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512464_4493_544994Our story:

In the late1970’s John and Janie Stark, applied to Wycliffe  Bible Translators. Their first assignment was in the Amazon rainforest of Peru.
By 1988 they were in Nigeria, where three Bible-less language groups joined together under John & Janie’s guidance to create Bibles for their own people. Twenty four years later, in 2012, all three languages had published New Testaments, developed strong Mother-tongue literacy, and were committed to completing the entire Bible on their own initiative.

The global need

The Bible, in a language a person understands, is a powerful tool for God to use in the lives of individuals and communities. So, what is the situation today? How many people are prevented from celebrating because God’s word is not in their language? Currently over 2 billion people are without Scriptures.

Our contribution

When we finished our role in Nigeria, we were asked to leverage our experience to serve the expanding world-wide Bible translation movement. Global communication technology and air travel make it possible for us to undertake international leadership development activities from our home in Missouri.  On any given day, we may be talking to people in Thailand, England, or even places in the USA like Seattle or Dallas. In a journey that started in a church pew in Scotts Valley, God has led us into a global role in Bible translation. We never knew or expected this, but what an adventure it is to live full-out for Jesus.
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The Starks…taking the Bible into new languages!

WOW! Hear an update on the many years (33) that the Starks have been translating the Bible!