Gateway has developed a wide selection of ministry opportunities designed to meet your needs, and that of your family, for spiritual growth and connection with others.  Our Sunday worship gathering is the primary means by which most people initially connect with GateWay.  Once you begin attending here you may want to take advantage of the many quality ministries we offer.

Children's Ministry

We offer A-class, relevant and fun teaching, training and skills to our children.  We have age specific ministry geared to each child's development according to one of five different age groups.  In addition, we host a high energy Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) every summer.

Youth Ministry

Youth need plenty of support and guidance to make through the teen years and we are here to not only help them survive, but to thrive in their faith and grow spiritually mature.  Our teens are dividing into a Middle School Group and a High School Group; both meeting midweek and on Sunday.

Young Adults

We offer meaningful connections to those who have finished college and are starting on their careers.  We want to facilitate the building of deep and lasting friendships that are centered in Christ.

Connecting Events

The purpose we offer at least one event geared toward families, men or women.  The purpose is to create a fun filled activity where people can laugh and be themselves as they get to know others in our church community.

Growth Groups

Growth groups exist to provide an environment where people will grow in their faith and foster authentic relationships by growing people in thier faith, in their relationships and in ministry to others.  Growth groups are typically 10 to 12 people meeting in homes during the month.

Local Impact

The purpose of community outreach is to practice obedience to God's great commission by reaching the people living within our local community with God's love and offer of salvation while building a bridge to GateWay Bible (the local church).

Global Impact

The purpose of global partners is to practice obedience to God's great commission by reaching people with God's love, engaging in ministries that equip leaders, expanding the kingdom of God and developing partnerships with national and international people and/or agencies that share the GateWay vision.


Resource Center

GateWay is committed to equipping people to know and serve Christ. Please check out our Resource Center in the Chapel Foyer on Sunday mornings for books, sermons CDs and more.