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512464_4493_544886In August of 1988, by a miracle of God, Oscar left Liberia for the United States, barely two months before the notorious warlord, Charles Taylor, unleashed a period of tyranny on the nation. Oscar was the only member of his family spared from the brutality of the war. He lost both of his parents, a sister and a nephew to the war while the rest of his siblings wandered in displaced camps for several years. He knew then that his life had a bigger purpose.
Displaced from his homeland, Oscar completed his studies and settled in San Jose, California where he worked as a business professional. He later married  his wife Sophie and together, they are blessed with three children, Leighton (17), Miles (14) and Sophia-Denise (7).
In 2001, Oscar affirmatively answered the call of the Lord on his life to minister to the people of his native land, Liberia.
Today, Ahead Ministries in Liberia is ministering to thousands. Christ is preached, the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, and widows and children are being cared for. Through Ahead, there have been several church plants, schools started, medical centers opened, wells drilled to provide clean drinking water, assistance provided to start farming programs, micro loans made, and training seminars given amongst others.
Today, Ahead Ministry is helping in recovery from the Ebola outbreak and is helping to rebuild a school in Whombay that will give orphaned children schooling and a meal.

New Life Bible Church

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Whombay School

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Cynthia Nelson Community Clinic

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Ahead Clinic Update




Meet precious baby Josephine and her unfortunate story that may bring


Oscar James returns from Liberia 1-13-16

Hi all,
Thanks for your prayers during my travel to Liberia over the past five week. I arrived home safely and I am anxious to update you and our donor populations on the trip. Many, Many great things happened


Worship West Africa Style!

It was exciting to worship with our guest team while we celebrate what God is doing in Liberia! 

Liberia and Jordan container update

liberia and jordan container update
The containers have arrived!