India – Ignite the Nations
The History…In 1994 two brothers sought God…”Where is God leading us to proclaim the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ?”  Twenty years and 550 newly established churches later, our Global Partner in India is now a nationally recognized organization committed to evangelism and discipleship in India.  They are committed  to reaching every one of the thousands of unchurched villages there with the Gospel. Why India?“ That God would be Praised from Where He’s Never Been Praised Before”

Known as the land of 5 rivers this area is renowned for it’s wonderful, hospitable people and colorful culture.  With a population of nearly 30 million people of the 1.3 billion that populate India, there are thousands of villages that have no Gospel witness.  The main religions of this region are Sikhism and Hinduism.  There are unchurched villages where, for the most part, the inhabitants have never even heard of Jesus Christ, let alone the salvation He offers.  ITN is focused on reaching these unchurched villages with the clear Gospel message, planting churches, and making disciples all along the way.

Recently our Global Partner has launched a new project to save the lives of infant girls. Due to many cultural and economic reasons (dowry, long term financial burden of girls vs boys, continuation of family line, etc.) boys are often regarded as the preferred sex and consequently female infanticide is the result.  274 girls die everyday in this region before they are born (source:  The Mission Girls,  2011).  Our India Partner had opened a Home to rescue and raise some of these girls into Godly women.



Christian worship!!!

 It was great to hear from our Global Partner on the amazing crusades and church planting happening in India.