Haiti – High School Mission Trip

We will be visiting a mission base located in the city of Carriès called Mission of Grace (visit for more information). The organization is a partner of Gleanings for the Hungry, another ministry in Fresno, California that our group serves at every summer. Since the devastating earthquake of 2010, Mission of Grace has been serving the people of Carriès and teaching them about Jesus. Their goal is to raise and train future leaders of Haiti.
During our trip, we will participate in the mission’s orphanage, elderly home, medical clinic, and church, and we will spend our time in sports ministry, evangelism, construction projects, and building relationships with the orphans. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with the leaders of Mission of Grace in order to learn from them and encourage them as they reach their community with God’s love.
Post-Trip Blogs


Natalie Carlotin from Haiti leading worship!

What a blessed morning as we wrapped up our faith promise month. Thank you, so much, to Natalie for joining us again! It was a great integration of singing a combo of English/Creole. This video is her singing with some video of the ministry that she (and her husband) do over in Haiti.

Sing in Creole!

Haitian worship
It was an amazing worship service to have Natalie Charoltin come to lead us with a Haitian style during our Faith Promise month of Global Outreach!

High schoolers to Haiti

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