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Britain’s Got Talent…

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Last Saturday, this clip aired over in the UK as Dave honked out some fun hip-hop melodies into God Save The Queen! 
You are invited!
Dave will be doing his full show at GateWay this coming Sunday evening 7p-8p.


Valerie baptized!

Valerie baptized!

Amber baptized!

Amber baptized!

The Heart of Family

Several names are up here…come grab a marker and put your family name up in the lobby!

choir – Healing Is In Your Hands

Great job choir!

Good Friday Sounds

These were the first 5 minutes of our Good Friday service. Sound FX only. Spend some time meditating on what Jesus went through…get out of your shoes and into the sandals of what it would’ve been like to witness this. Great is our God!

Tara baptized!!

Baptized on Easter!!

Leslie baptized!

Baptized on Easter!!

Maya baptized!!

Baptized on Easter!!

Mackenzie baptized!!

Baptized on Easter morning!

Love and Respect!

April 24-June 5 (break May 29)
in the Culwell Den
Cost: $10 per couple, Coffee and snacks provided
(childcare provided 6-9pm $5 per child per session-$10 maximum per family per session). 
Email Dan to sign up!


It’s so simple…yet so challenging to really give ‘all’. In our language, we use the heart to represent the deepest


Logan baptized!

Logan was on his way home (after 9:30a worship gathering) and decided today was the day to be baptized so they came back in time for this 11:00a worship gathering!

Chris and Lindsay baptized!

What a blessing how they both came to know Jesus on the same day!

Mick baptized!

What an amazing testimony!

Oh Happy Day!

…when Jesus washed my sins away!

Drew baptized!


Drew baptized at the beach!!

Josh baptized!

Josh Brady gets double dipped at platforms!!


Ba da da dat…ba da da dat. Work it guys! It was great to have the horns join us for worship this morning!