Getting married again (!)

What happens when we allow Jesus to be the center of our hearts? WE ARE SAVED!!
But then cool things tend to happen right now …like the Hoverston’s testimony of getting married to each for a 2nd time! Check it out!

Free of addiction!!!

Lindsey Gardner wanted to share a piece of her testimony in hopes of being able to help anybody else dealing with addiction. It’s not about will power, but the transformational power of allowing God to be #1 in your life! All credit and glory to God! Thanks for being so transparent! 

Baby Dedication!



Let’s all help the Jensen’s to love and direct little Elijah to love the Lord!

Stretched to plant seeds!

As we wrap up a sermon series on a ‘stretch’ to spread the Gospel, Laurie’s impromptu testimony is one that many of us can relate to. It takes courage to get out of our comfortable flow…WOW, what a blessing it is to do so!

Saving Faith!



Monica shares how only a saving faith in Jesus can help calm the storm that life may bring!

Doug Greer’s Salvation!


Christen Miller’s grandfather, Doug Greer was a child acting star who was an original member of the Spanky & Gang Comedies. Christen loved her grandfather and witnessed to him for over 30 years. Love finally won out shortly before he died and now Christen is confident they will see each other again! 

Lives that have been forever changed!


Meet Angel and Carrie.
Carrie was invited to GateWay by Tracy who knew that she needed a

Christmas Eve Testimony by Brian and Shanelle Atchley


If you missed the testimony of the Atchley’s at our Christmas Eve Gathering, you can view it here. See how GBC is “Devoted to Changing Lives”