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Devoted to Changing Lives

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Sunday Service Times 9:30 & 11:00am
5000 Granite Creek Road, Scotts Valley, CA 95066.
Office Hours M-Th, 8:00-12 & 1-4 V (831) 438-0646 F (831) 439-9247 E office@gatewaybible.org



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Devoted to Changing Lives!

Our mission is crystal clear, we are Devoted To Changing Lives…not through our own power, but rather through the awesome power of God’s grace and truth! It’s all about Jesus!








with our neighbors…

Plugging into a local community group is an amazing thing that you can do for your family. The 3rd weekend of each month is when we get together…all around Santa Cruz county! Different night – Different Groups – One Church
community group leaders
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in our families…

Menget yourself into the Word of God! If you have a wife, encourage her to be a part of our women’s ministry. Maybe you have young childrenor that fun middle school age…be sure to Biblically guide their foundations to love Jesus. If you have high school or college age kids, then direct them as they prepare to launch out on their own…loving God and loving others. Got questions? then tap into the awesome experience of our seniors as you seek God’s wisdom.

in our hearts…




Getting married again (!)

What happens when we allow Jesus to be the center of our hearts? WE ARE SAVED!!
But then cool things tend to happen right now …like the Hoverston’s testimony of getting married to each for a 2nd time! Check it out!

Free of addiction!!!

Lindsey Gardner wanted to share a piece of her testimony in hopes of being able to help anybody else dealing with addiction. It’s not about will power, but the transformational power of allowing God to be #1 in your life! All credit and glory to God! Thanks for being so transparent! 

Dominic baptized!!

What a very special moment to have mom baptizing son! 

Melissa & Laney baptized!


Mom (Melissa) baptized and then turned to baptized her daughter (Laney)!!


at the church…

As you serve, consider joining these teams.. 
worshipersgreetersushersteachersfood preparersaudio/video techEvery ministry on this website depends on volunteers…what are you waiting for? Contact our staff! Got issues? Don’t we all!..we have 3 amazing people within our Branches Counseling to help.

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in our community…


and throughout the world!…